If zero is the beginning; If zero is
                If it spins, if it is the moon,
                sun and the sky, then



                                                            0 is _____.

0 aims to consider publishing in a post-digital discourse where the presence of both printed and digital matter actively influence the value of each other.

        0 brings publishing and curatorial practices together by working under the paradigm that “the act of selection has replaced that of production”. By considering the desktop as an alternative to the standard exhibition space, every issue (and ZIP folder) is curated by a practitioner whose work is relevant in contemporary art discussion.

        -“Puts weight on the act and moment of publishing, of making a text public,
                        and highlights its constitutive role in the production of meaning” - KUUSELA

This will be done by creating a new system of publishing that takes into account new structures, ways of production and dissemination methods brought by the internet.

Led by Dagné Petraityte, Inês Mena Silva and Nathalie de Vallière.


Gonçalo Lamas.zip
some gods i can spell without seeing past the goal


Gonçalo Lamas.zip
some gods i can spell without seeing past the goal



Zero is a digital and physical publication. With this project we attempt to place print and digital matter within a post-digital discourse. It was created in Central Saint Martins by Dagnė Petraitytė, Inês Silva and Nathalie de Vallière.

Where is the physical issue?

It's available upon personal request. Email us here!